Monday, November 5, 2012

New Girl Season 2 Episode 6

by Vochelle

If episode 5 was all about the friendships, episode 6- entitled Halloween- is all about the love pairings or “ships,” as fandom terminology calls it. Here’s a recap of what happened.
Winston and Shelby
Let’s make this quick, so we can move on to the more relevant pairings, shall we? Ok, as mentioned in a previous episode, Winston and Shelby are having physical intimacy problems. Apparently, they still haven’t solved that. It’s Halloween and they agreed to dress up in costumes. Shelby appeared in a… (how do I even describe it?) Anyway, just look at the picture below and see for yourself. Apparently, it means “reigning” cats and dogs. Get it? As in “raining cats and dogs.”
Anyway, at the end of the night, we witnessed “an emancipation of a black guy from a terrible relationship,” as Schidmt puts it. So, let us remember this day, fellow humans, so that we may commemorate this great leap for humanity in the years to come. 

 Schidmt and Cece
So, apparently, Cece is still with that guy Robbie. I thought she isn’t anymore, because she was sort of shown flirting with guys at the bar in the previous episode. But anyway, my assumption was wrong. Cece is still with Robbie. And obviously, Schidmt is still not happy about it. He spends the day doing nothing but throw one mean insult after another at Robbie.
During the night, at the Halloween carnival where Jess works as a Zombie, Schidmt arrives as Abraham Lincoln. Cece is a bride. Robbie is a teenage mutant turtle. Schidmt’s costume is not easily recognizable to other people, and a lot are mistaking it as a groom costume, hence, making him the groom to Cece’s bride. This annoys the hell out of Cece, claiming that Schidmt did it on purpose.
 To cut the story short, Robbie ends up talking to Schidmt, which made Schidmt accept that Robbie is now Cece’s boyfriend. Later that night, he decides to offer his costume to Robbie, saying that Cece and Robbie deserved a couple costume. He strips down in front of the couple. Apparently, he has an alternate costume- Matthew Mcconnaughey in “Magic Mike.
After Schidmt leaves them, we see Robbie in awe of Schidmt’s thighs, which, according to him, looked like “fleshy tree trunks.” Cece, on the other hand, looks like this:
 Look at her, smitten and all! To be honest, though, I do not see why she should be! I mean, Schidmt was being a jerk to Robbie the whole day. He should have been civil about the whole thing in the first place. I wouldn’t be all smitten over him just because of his gesture. The gesture, I suppose, meant to say that he already accepted things. Well, that’s what he should have done in the first place without being mean to Robbie.
But anyway, it’s not like I don’t like Cece and Schidmt too, so let’s just let it be. J

Nick and Jess
So, details first.
Apparently, Sam is a pediatrician. So after seeing Sam at work with his kid patients, Jess sees a side of him that she actually really likes. Uh oh.
Nick, on the other hand, has a visitor- an old college love interest, who, by the way, kisses Nick in a way that makes me want to take my brain out and wash it with Lysol just so that I could erase the image of that kiss in my mind. Ughhhhh. It was so weird. Nick described it as “reverse CPR.”
Now that I’ve said the basic details of the storylines, let us now take a moment to appreciate the screencaps below:
 Here’s Jess when college girlfriend and Nick were kissing.
 And here’s Nick looking at Jess and Sam.
Hihi, anyway, Jess tells Nick that she’s planning to tell Sam about how she feels about him. Later that night, while Jess is working as a zombie inside the Halloween house, Nick finds out that Sam has been texting other girls and is absolutely not interested to take things to the next level with Jess. Nick, who was never a fan of Halloween houses, decides to go inside just so he could stop Jess from admitting her feelings to Sam.
 Things did not end well inside the Halloween house. Nick was so terrified inside that when Zombie Jess showed up to scare him, he accidentally punched her in the face in shock.
 Anyway, after that, this happened:
 I was beginning to think it was cute. (GASP! How could I?) But then when Jess tells Sam that she wants to go out with him for real, Sam tells him that he doesn’t want too. Aww, poor Jess got rejected just after she got punched in the face.
Nick, on the other hand, admits to the redhead girl (whose name I wasn’t able to retain) that maybe it was only the idea of her that he liked. And then, he comments about the way she kisses, so he gets a slap.
But then, this is what happened back in the loft:

Why is your arm around her, Nick, whyyyyyyy???!!!
The adorableness is making me want to puke rainbows. So, let me just end this recap really quickly. The episode ended with Jess punching Nick back. Ok, bye, I’m off to puke rainbows! 

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