Friday, June 15, 2012


I'm pretty sure you've heard of the much abuzz that these teens have brought forward to our primetime television.It seems like it was only yesterday when Kim Chiu emerged as the PBB grand winner of the teen edition.After six years, we now  have a whole bunch of teens that currently occupy the role of teen housemates this year.I've only started watching the reality show few weeks ago, and as much as I hate to admit, I am completely hooked.Perhaps the reason why I could not help but miss an episode of the show is because it's so much interesting to watch  when everyone else could not help but say a bad thing or two about the way the teen housemates' behavior.It does not help that Vice Ganda improvised a new term that corresponds to the actions that we are currently seeing on our televisions. "PBB TEENS?!?"

Allow me to cite some particular issues that definitely made me uncomfortable, probably just  like anyone else would be.
1) Karen the wannabe victim
How could I possibly forget this? It started when Karen was having fun playing with the boys until it got uncomfortable since the boys tried to make her appear like a victim by tying her hands.It  was a disturbing  joke and Karen was having fun while that was happening but it only takes a while before big brother calls them for their wrongdoing.

2)Yves+Myrtle+Kim triangle or known as The player, cosplayer, and the houseplayer

Unless you've been living on a cave these days, I'm pretty sure that you've heard about this.People who have been  watching this show ever since must have noticed the closeness of Yves and Myrtle before the arrival of Kim as a house player.As soon as Kim takes off her blindfold to meet the housemates, we can already sense something interesting coming up the show.The awkwardness was evident whenever Kim and Myrtle would be on the same place together.

I think the three of them brought this issue upon themselves.Kim was being a bit distant to her "bestfriend" Yves without confronting him about the issue immediately.Myrtle was proclaiming to everyone that she was not hurt and she does not feel anything, but who is she fooling? At her confrontation with Yves, she vent out her frustration and even slapped him.On the otherhand, Yves  was neglecting to talk about the issue and divided his time by going back and forth to Myrtle or to Yves.

3) Too much comfort
For me, there is still a need to draw the line with how we present ourselves to the people we meet no matter how close we have gotten, especially if it's the opposite sex we're talking about.On a recent challenge given by Big Brother, Roy had to pluck armpit hairs from all of the housemates for him to be able to get free hamburgers for all.The intention was good but the idea is a bit off . A guy plucking hairs from the girls' underarms! Isn't the idea a bit uncomfortable?In addition to that, we can see how the girls would freely hang out at the boys' bedroom and go all cozy with them.I don't think this proves to be a positive influence to the viewers.

How about you, what comments do you want to share?