Thursday, November 8, 2012

Modern Family Season 2 Episode 4

1) The crisis
Gloria's snoring so much to the point that Jay and Manny cannot sleep anymore.haha. 
Look at Jay's face! He does not know what to do anymore.

 Early in the morning, Manny told his mom about the crisis that they have at home.Gloria is so freaking hilarious.She is so mad at Manny when he told her about the snoring.She asks if her snoring cam be compared to the following: old man, dog, or pig...I'm not sure what the right answer is.haha
Jay seems to deny the fact that Gloria is snoring because he is scared that Gloria would get mad at him.The funny thing is that this happens a lot of times.Manny would be the one to tell the truth while Jay would act innocent.hahhaha

Jay decided to have one night all by himself to sleep.He told Manny and Gloria that he would be going to San Francisco as a cover-up.
Jay enjoying the moment
But then, Gloria finds out that Jay is staying in the hotel and she slaps him hard.Ouch! :(
Naturally, Gloria assumed that Jay was having an affair with someone.She says that if she would find the time to kill him later.Gloria is so feisty since forever! haha

So Jay tells Gloria the truth that he's staying in the hotel just to get sleep, which he hasn't been able to get because of her snoring.Gloria tells him that he should have said it straight to her.At the end, Gloria also tells him that what she loves about their relationship is that they can tell anything to each other and they would be okay the next day.Oh, Gloria decides to get the room key so she can spend the night at the hotel all by herself.hihi

 2) Luke gets to practice magic due to Phil's influence.I'm surprised that Luke really has a talent for it.Unfortunately, Luke does not really like what he's doing so he wants to quit.Phil does not want him to quit since he thinks his son is really good at it.
Phil decides on giving Luke a difficult magic task.If he does succeed, it means he can quit magic.Phil's reason for doing so is because he wants to prove that Luke does not want to quit just because magic is getting hard.

And Luke actually accomplies the task in the end.He says, " I quit!" 
                         Also, on the later part of the episode, Phil tries to accomplish the magic task to probably  prove something for himself.When Luke arrives at the room, Phil is still struggling with the task.Phil tells his son that whatever path Luke chooses to take, he would be there to support him.And by saying that, Luke helps him with the magic task and they hug.Aww :)

As cliche as this may seem, I think that it's always a good thing to know that your parents are going to support you with what you want to do.

3) In the previous episode, it was revealed that Cam would now be the music teacher at Manny and Luke's school.One thing that  I love about Cam is that he is always enthusiastic with the things that he wants to do.The night before his first day, he rehearses so much and we can see that he is really dedicated to his new profession.
 Look at Cam's shirt! hahahah
 However, things don't go so well as planned.The kids got bored and annoyed with his class.Also, the teachers refuse to seat with him during the break.
 I felt so sad during this part because Cam was just so cheerful with this new career, but his expectations only lead to disappointments.

 During dinner, Cam and Mitch related how bad their day went.Mitch had a difficulty taking care of Lily when Cam is not around.Meanwhile, Cam had a terrible first day of teaching.However, on the bright side, they still have each other.It's only a matter of time before they adjust to their new roles.

 I really love this part the most! I love the fact that even if you have a terrible day, someone would always be there for you to cheer you up and make your day better. :)

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