Monday, November 19, 2012

New Girl Season 2 Episode 7

by Vochelle

After a break last week, New Girl’s back with a brand new episode this week. It’s called “Menzies,” and in it, we see Nick meeting a new friend, Jess AND Winston going through PMS, and an almost-reconciliation between Cece and Schmidt.
My favorite things about the episode:
                                                      1. Jess’ PMS

Jess’ quotes about PMS:
-        It hurts. I feel like I’ve laid a million eggs and they’re all hatching.
-        I feel like I wanna murder someone, and also I want soft pretzels.
-        It’s not enough that I have to go to an interview with the red devil in my belly. I also have to go un-showered.
-        It feels like a fat man’s sitting on my uterus.
-        I was sabotaged by my baby box, which means I’m not gonna trust anything that comes out of it…
Girls, don’t we all relate?
                                                   2.  Old Chinese man and Nick


 The scenes on the park bench were so funny. Nick, after an argument with his roommates, goes to the park to… uhmmm, basically, be Nick Miller. A PMS-ing Jess called him out for his being unnecessarily angry all the time.

Uhmm, Nick Miller, when are you ever going to stop representing every issue that I have in life???! Lol.
Anyway, he meets this adorable old man who never speaks. He just nods and smiles and is basically everything that one could ask for in a friend. Hahaha. Remember when Nick said he’s always been like an old man even when he was a kid? Ha! Finally, he’s hanging out with someone his own age. Lol. Here’s hoping this old Chinese man becomes a recurring character!  

 Seriously, after watching this scene, I didn’t know what to do with my life. I almost died with laughter.

                                              3.     Jess’ new job
Another thing that I liked about this episode is that we had a glimpse of the characters’ household dynamic when it comes to the basic domestic management stuff. We saw that Schmidt’s the strict disciplinarian. Poor jobless Jess gets smacked by his iron fist. It’s a good thing that PMS-ing Jess can stand up for herself by threatening to leave the boys testicles-less, just like Ken dolls. Lol.
Anyway, later in the episode, Jess goes to a job interview. During the interview, she becomes emotional over the picture of the interviewer’s puupy, which was named after To Kill a Mockingbird’s Boo Radley, and was small enough to fit in a cup. We can’t blame Jess for getting emotional, can we?
A rejuvinated Nick comes to the rescue. He offers to bring Jess to the old Chinese man’s water therapy place.Hence, this scene:

After Nick almost drowns Jess (Tsktsk, last episode, he punched her. This week, he almost drowns her? Haha), he gives Jess a much needed pep talk. In the end, Jess gives the interview another try and gets the job. Jess is now… (drumrolls please) a Creative Writing teacher.
What I didn’t like much:

1                          1.     Cece and Schmidt almost getting back together

 I see the ~chemistry~ and the ~sparks~ and all that, but I just don’t get that much fangirl feels about this. Please get back together if you want to get back together. Stop prolonging the agony. Spare Robbie the trouble.

1                                                     2.  Schmidt’s Fifty Shades of…
Uhm, lol, sorry I can’t think of a good pun.
But can you blame me?!

I think the sooner we get done with this storyline, the better the world will be. 

Friday, November 9, 2012

Modern Family Season 4 Episode 5

I got to say that since this show is centered around one big family, it is only extra exciting to see episodes that are concerning around special occasions.Of course, one of the most beautiful episodes that Modern Family gives to us is the halloween episode! 

1) Scary Claire
So I think it was pretty much mentioned during the past seasons that Claire is such a big fan of halloween.Among all, she is the one who exerts so much effort to make halloween perfect for all of them.Unfortunately, this year, almost all of the people in their neighborhood are terrified of going to Claire's house for trick or treat since she overdid it last halloween.

Claire takes the initiative to reach out to her neighbors....but it just got worse.One kid feels like she is being trapped by a witch.haha

2) Cam's time to shine
Cam and Mitch throw off a halloween party at their home.Also, Cam feels like he lost a lot of weight so he has the tendency to show off and flash his body to the guests just to prove so.Cam is being silly but really hilarious by doing this.HAHA :)

Then he decides to change his costume just to show the change in his physique more.

Just when he was about to show off and brag, their friend arrives at the party and everyone notices how much this person has lost weight. I mean, much more lost weight compared to Cam.
Looks like Cam is not so happy about this...:(

3) Hotheaded Gloria
Gloria's been very extra hot tempered more than usual.Jay and Manny takes notice of her attitude and asks her to relax and take it easy since she is pregnant.
In this scene, two guys arrive for trick and treat.Gloria demands that they need to be in costume for the trick and treat.She further asks, " Aren't you too old to be trick or treat-ing? " As to which, the guy responds, " Aren't you too old to have a baby?" Naturally, this makes Gloria really mad.

Another scenario here shows us Jay and Manny attending Cam and Mitch's halloween party.When someone refers to Gloria as an "illegal alien," it makes Gloria furious, once again.The person actually has a clear intention because he is referring to Gloria being in a alien costume.Gloria, on the other hand, thinks that it is an insult since she is Colombian.The funny thing is that after she attacks the person and the baby with him, Jay tells Gloria that she does not need to be defensive since she was actually deported twice.HAHA!

Also, Jay says that Gloria might have been extra moody since she is pregnant.Gloria gets frightened by the idea that the baby inside is angry and it's the one making her do bad things.The nice thing is that Jay is there to comfort her and say that it's her MAMA BEAR INSTINCTS, and it's a good thing because it means that she is going to protect the baby at any cost. He also says, "You're going to be a great mom again." Awww. Doesn't Jay say the nicest things you just needed to hear? If you may notice, I highlighted the word "Mama Bear Instinct" just because I find this term cute and it reminds me of my favorite korean drama.hahahahah

5)Wannabe Princess Lost
Since Lily is adopted by her two daddies, she asks a lot of questions regarding her real mother after Mitch reads her a fairytale book.Being exhausted from work, Mitch is nearly asleep after reading Lily a fairytale and he unintentionally tells Lily that her real mother is a princess.He thought that it would be forgotten the next day but he is sooo wrong.

At the halloween party, Lily is dressed up as a princess due to her wish to become one.
She also asks her daddy Mitchell if this person is her mother.HAHA
Lily asks if there are other princesses that the person knows.
So Cam finds out what Mitch told Lily , and they decide to say the truth to her.They did not know who her mother is since they never met her.

And later, Lily shows up dressed like her Daddy Cam! Aww :) I love this part since it shows that she's no longer aspiring to be a princess looking for her mom, but now, she accepts the fact that she is daddy's girl. :)

6) Jay's vanity
So Jay thinks he is losing his appeal.haha
Earlier, he asks Gloria if she thinks that his skin is becoming looser.Also, he says that he could try her fancy neck cream with specks of diamonds.Haahhahahahhah. I cannot even say how much I love Jay in here!!!

Remember the gay person that Lily remarked as a princess or  her princess mom? Turns out, she could be useful in boosting Jay's self-esteem. JShe refers to Jay as the handsomest man that is taken in this party.Hahahaha. What makes this part really funny is that Jay does not know that the princess is gay! :)

7) Phil's consequence
Phil's having an open house during halloween since according to him, he is "thinking INSIDE the box." Claire comes up with the plan to scare him off as a way of learning his lesson because Phil tries to deny the fact that Claire can be a scary character during halloween.Claire just needs to prove that she can totally scare Phil.

Phil is absolutely the most child-like character.He is so cute and charming! He's even eating cookies with milk! :)
Sneaky Claire ready to attack!
But Claire's initial plan turns out to be failure!Everytime she gives a scary pose, Phil fails to see her!

That is until Phil sees the stick-? that is part of Claire's costume.Fortunately, some clients arrive to watch the open house so Phil gets distracted and it's a way for Claire to come up with a better plan.

After the clients leave, the lights went out, and the television opens up suddenly.Then Phil receives a phone call from Claire and she tells him that she initially planned to scare him but she left since there were clients.So Phil gets really frightened because that means Claire is at home.

And then.........KABOOOOOOOMMMM! It's just a trap so that Phil gets to believe that Claire's already at home.hahaha

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Modern Family Season 2 Episode 4

1) The crisis
Gloria's snoring so much to the point that Jay and Manny cannot sleep anymore.haha. 
Look at Jay's face! He does not know what to do anymore.

 Early in the morning, Manny told his mom about the crisis that they have at home.Gloria is so freaking hilarious.She is so mad at Manny when he told her about the snoring.She asks if her snoring cam be compared to the following: old man, dog, or pig...I'm not sure what the right answer is.haha
Jay seems to deny the fact that Gloria is snoring because he is scared that Gloria would get mad at him.The funny thing is that this happens a lot of times.Manny would be the one to tell the truth while Jay would act innocent.hahhaha

Jay decided to have one night all by himself to sleep.He told Manny and Gloria that he would be going to San Francisco as a cover-up.
Jay enjoying the moment
But then, Gloria finds out that Jay is staying in the hotel and she slaps him hard.Ouch! :(
Naturally, Gloria assumed that Jay was having an affair with someone.She says that if she would find the time to kill him later.Gloria is so feisty since forever! haha

So Jay tells Gloria the truth that he's staying in the hotel just to get sleep, which he hasn't been able to get because of her snoring.Gloria tells him that he should have said it straight to her.At the end, Gloria also tells him that what she loves about their relationship is that they can tell anything to each other and they would be okay the next day.Oh, Gloria decides to get the room key so she can spend the night at the hotel all by herself.hihi

 2) Luke gets to practice magic due to Phil's influence.I'm surprised that Luke really has a talent for it.Unfortunately, Luke does not really like what he's doing so he wants to quit.Phil does not want him to quit since he thinks his son is really good at it.
Phil decides on giving Luke a difficult magic task.If he does succeed, it means he can quit magic.Phil's reason for doing so is because he wants to prove that Luke does not want to quit just because magic is getting hard.

And Luke actually accomplies the task in the end.He says, " I quit!" 
                         Also, on the later part of the episode, Phil tries to accomplish the magic task to probably  prove something for himself.When Luke arrives at the room, Phil is still struggling with the task.Phil tells his son that whatever path Luke chooses to take, he would be there to support him.And by saying that, Luke helps him with the magic task and they hug.Aww :)

As cliche as this may seem, I think that it's always a good thing to know that your parents are going to support you with what you want to do.

3) In the previous episode, it was revealed that Cam would now be the music teacher at Manny and Luke's school.One thing that  I love about Cam is that he is always enthusiastic with the things that he wants to do.The night before his first day, he rehearses so much and we can see that he is really dedicated to his new profession.
 Look at Cam's shirt! hahahah
 However, things don't go so well as planned.The kids got bored and annoyed with his class.Also, the teachers refuse to seat with him during the break.
 I felt so sad during this part because Cam was just so cheerful with this new career, but his expectations only lead to disappointments.

 During dinner, Cam and Mitch related how bad their day went.Mitch had a difficulty taking care of Lily when Cam is not around.Meanwhile, Cam had a terrible first day of teaching.However, on the bright side, they still have each other.It's only a matter of time before they adjust to their new roles.

 I really love this part the most! I love the fact that even if you have a terrible day, someone would always be there for you to cheer you up and make your day better. :)

Monday, November 5, 2012

New Girl Season 2 Episode 6

by Vochelle

If episode 5 was all about the friendships, episode 6- entitled Halloween- is all about the love pairings or “ships,” as fandom terminology calls it. Here’s a recap of what happened.
Winston and Shelby
Let’s make this quick, so we can move on to the more relevant pairings, shall we? Ok, as mentioned in a previous episode, Winston and Shelby are having physical intimacy problems. Apparently, they still haven’t solved that. It’s Halloween and they agreed to dress up in costumes. Shelby appeared in a… (how do I even describe it?) Anyway, just look at the picture below and see for yourself. Apparently, it means “reigning” cats and dogs. Get it? As in “raining cats and dogs.”
Anyway, at the end of the night, we witnessed “an emancipation of a black guy from a terrible relationship,” as Schidmt puts it. So, let us remember this day, fellow humans, so that we may commemorate this great leap for humanity in the years to come. 

 Schidmt and Cece
So, apparently, Cece is still with that guy Robbie. I thought she isn’t anymore, because she was sort of shown flirting with guys at the bar in the previous episode. But anyway, my assumption was wrong. Cece is still with Robbie. And obviously, Schidmt is still not happy about it. He spends the day doing nothing but throw one mean insult after another at Robbie.
During the night, at the Halloween carnival where Jess works as a Zombie, Schidmt arrives as Abraham Lincoln. Cece is a bride. Robbie is a teenage mutant turtle. Schidmt’s costume is not easily recognizable to other people, and a lot are mistaking it as a groom costume, hence, making him the groom to Cece’s bride. This annoys the hell out of Cece, claiming that Schidmt did it on purpose.
 To cut the story short, Robbie ends up talking to Schidmt, which made Schidmt accept that Robbie is now Cece’s boyfriend. Later that night, he decides to offer his costume to Robbie, saying that Cece and Robbie deserved a couple costume. He strips down in front of the couple. Apparently, he has an alternate costume- Matthew Mcconnaughey in “Magic Mike.
After Schidmt leaves them, we see Robbie in awe of Schidmt’s thighs, which, according to him, looked like “fleshy tree trunks.” Cece, on the other hand, looks like this:
 Look at her, smitten and all! To be honest, though, I do not see why she should be! I mean, Schidmt was being a jerk to Robbie the whole day. He should have been civil about the whole thing in the first place. I wouldn’t be all smitten over him just because of his gesture. The gesture, I suppose, meant to say that he already accepted things. Well, that’s what he should have done in the first place without being mean to Robbie.
But anyway, it’s not like I don’t like Cece and Schidmt too, so let’s just let it be. J

Nick and Jess
So, details first.
Apparently, Sam is a pediatrician. So after seeing Sam at work with his kid patients, Jess sees a side of him that she actually really likes. Uh oh.
Nick, on the other hand, has a visitor- an old college love interest, who, by the way, kisses Nick in a way that makes me want to take my brain out and wash it with Lysol just so that I could erase the image of that kiss in my mind. Ughhhhh. It was so weird. Nick described it as “reverse CPR.”
Now that I’ve said the basic details of the storylines, let us now take a moment to appreciate the screencaps below:
 Here’s Jess when college girlfriend and Nick were kissing.
 And here’s Nick looking at Jess and Sam.
Hihi, anyway, Jess tells Nick that she’s planning to tell Sam about how she feels about him. Later that night, while Jess is working as a zombie inside the Halloween house, Nick finds out that Sam has been texting other girls and is absolutely not interested to take things to the next level with Jess. Nick, who was never a fan of Halloween houses, decides to go inside just so he could stop Jess from admitting her feelings to Sam.
 Things did not end well inside the Halloween house. Nick was so terrified inside that when Zombie Jess showed up to scare him, he accidentally punched her in the face in shock.
 Anyway, after that, this happened:
 I was beginning to think it was cute. (GASP! How could I?) But then when Jess tells Sam that she wants to go out with him for real, Sam tells him that he doesn’t want too. Aww, poor Jess got rejected just after she got punched in the face.
Nick, on the other hand, admits to the redhead girl (whose name I wasn’t able to retain) that maybe it was only the idea of her that he liked. And then, he comments about the way she kisses, so he gets a slap.
But then, this is what happened back in the loft:

Why is your arm around her, Nick, whyyyyyyy???!!!
The adorableness is making me want to puke rainbows. So, let me just end this recap really quickly. The episode ended with Jess punching Nick back. Ok, bye, I’m off to puke rainbows!