Friday, November 9, 2012

Modern Family Season 4 Episode 5

I got to say that since this show is centered around one big family, it is only extra exciting to see episodes that are concerning around special occasions.Of course, one of the most beautiful episodes that Modern Family gives to us is the halloween episode! 

1) Scary Claire
So I think it was pretty much mentioned during the past seasons that Claire is such a big fan of halloween.Among all, she is the one who exerts so much effort to make halloween perfect for all of them.Unfortunately, this year, almost all of the people in their neighborhood are terrified of going to Claire's house for trick or treat since she overdid it last halloween.

Claire takes the initiative to reach out to her neighbors....but it just got worse.One kid feels like she is being trapped by a witch.haha

2) Cam's time to shine
Cam and Mitch throw off a halloween party at their home.Also, Cam feels like he lost a lot of weight so he has the tendency to show off and flash his body to the guests just to prove so.Cam is being silly but really hilarious by doing this.HAHA :)

Then he decides to change his costume just to show the change in his physique more.

Just when he was about to show off and brag, their friend arrives at the party and everyone notices how much this person has lost weight. I mean, much more lost weight compared to Cam.
Looks like Cam is not so happy about this...:(

3) Hotheaded Gloria
Gloria's been very extra hot tempered more than usual.Jay and Manny takes notice of her attitude and asks her to relax and take it easy since she is pregnant.
In this scene, two guys arrive for trick and treat.Gloria demands that they need to be in costume for the trick and treat.She further asks, " Aren't you too old to be trick or treat-ing? " As to which, the guy responds, " Aren't you too old to have a baby?" Naturally, this makes Gloria really mad.

Another scenario here shows us Jay and Manny attending Cam and Mitch's halloween party.When someone refers to Gloria as an "illegal alien," it makes Gloria furious, once again.The person actually has a clear intention because he is referring to Gloria being in a alien costume.Gloria, on the other hand, thinks that it is an insult since she is Colombian.The funny thing is that after she attacks the person and the baby with him, Jay tells Gloria that she does not need to be defensive since she was actually deported twice.HAHA!

Also, Jay says that Gloria might have been extra moody since she is pregnant.Gloria gets frightened by the idea that the baby inside is angry and it's the one making her do bad things.The nice thing is that Jay is there to comfort her and say that it's her MAMA BEAR INSTINCTS, and it's a good thing because it means that she is going to protect the baby at any cost. He also says, "You're going to be a great mom again." Awww. Doesn't Jay say the nicest things you just needed to hear? If you may notice, I highlighted the word "Mama Bear Instinct" just because I find this term cute and it reminds me of my favorite korean drama.hahahahah

5)Wannabe Princess Lost
Since Lily is adopted by her two daddies, she asks a lot of questions regarding her real mother after Mitch reads her a fairytale book.Being exhausted from work, Mitch is nearly asleep after reading Lily a fairytale and he unintentionally tells Lily that her real mother is a princess.He thought that it would be forgotten the next day but he is sooo wrong.

At the halloween party, Lily is dressed up as a princess due to her wish to become one.
She also asks her daddy Mitchell if this person is her mother.HAHA
Lily asks if there are other princesses that the person knows.
So Cam finds out what Mitch told Lily , and they decide to say the truth to her.They did not know who her mother is since they never met her.

And later, Lily shows up dressed like her Daddy Cam! Aww :) I love this part since it shows that she's no longer aspiring to be a princess looking for her mom, but now, she accepts the fact that she is daddy's girl. :)

6) Jay's vanity
So Jay thinks he is losing his appeal.haha
Earlier, he asks Gloria if she thinks that his skin is becoming looser.Also, he says that he could try her fancy neck cream with specks of diamonds.Haahhahahahhah. I cannot even say how much I love Jay in here!!!

Remember the gay person that Lily remarked as a princess or  her princess mom? Turns out, she could be useful in boosting Jay's self-esteem. JShe refers to Jay as the handsomest man that is taken in this party.Hahahaha. What makes this part really funny is that Jay does not know that the princess is gay! :)

7) Phil's consequence
Phil's having an open house during halloween since according to him, he is "thinking INSIDE the box." Claire comes up with the plan to scare him off as a way of learning his lesson because Phil tries to deny the fact that Claire can be a scary character during halloween.Claire just needs to prove that she can totally scare Phil.

Phil is absolutely the most child-like character.He is so cute and charming! He's even eating cookies with milk! :)
Sneaky Claire ready to attack!
But Claire's initial plan turns out to be failure!Everytime she gives a scary pose, Phil fails to see her!

That is until Phil sees the stick-? that is part of Claire's costume.Fortunately, some clients arrive to watch the open house so Phil gets distracted and it's a way for Claire to come up with a better plan.

After the clients leave, the lights went out, and the television opens up suddenly.Then Phil receives a phone call from Claire and she tells him that she initially planned to scare him but she left since there were clients.So Phil gets really frightened because that means Claire is at home.

And then.........KABOOOOOOOMMMM! It's just a trap so that Phil gets to believe that Claire's already at home.hahaha

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