Friday, August 10, 2012



Walang Hanggan
July 31-August 3
by Nikki Cea

-  Tomas asks Johanna to bring food for Katerina, but Johanna gives Katerina a cold treatment (as usual.)Because of this, Katerina decides to fight back,as in literally.Plus 6.It's definitely time for her to defend herself.
-Nathan is being possessive and dramatic,as usual: "Si Katerina ang buong buhay ko." Minus 5.Althought it is true that Nathan is obsessed with Katerina, I think we can use a little break from Nathan proclaiming to the world that Katerina is only his property.
-Johanna asks Nathan to go over the house and bring some food.Nathan obliges without knowing who the person is.And tadaaaaaa's KATARINA.Inevitable.Minus 3.

-Nathan finally finds Katerina,and it's quite funny how he would ask something  as if he's the best husband ever: 1) "Na-miss mo ba ko?" 2)"Bakit parang takot na takot ka sa kin?Di kita sasaktan."
Plus 4.
-As of the moment,Tomas owns Guidotti Imports and he comes to Emily's home and offers her a job.Daniel is also present at that moment so Tomas teases him about a job offering.He says, "Pwede naman kita i-hire.Open pa naman ang janitorial position." Plus 8.Epic line.
-Nathan rapes Katerina.Of course, there are no words to describe how immoral rape is, but, I think that this scene was needed to lead other events that would happen in the story.
-Katerina fights back Nathan at the end.Plus 10.At last, Katerina does something to improve her situation.
-,Katerina asks help from Yaya Perls. Plus 6.Yaya Perls to the rescue!

-Marco and Emily argue about Daniel's actions:
Marco:So yung ginagawa nya,di masama?Nang-aagaw ng asawa?
Emily:Mali si Daniel,pero mali ka din.Ang pananakit na ginagawa mo ki Katerina.Plus 5.Both of them give valid arguments,I guess.It is wrong to steal one's husband/wife,but if that person is suffering from an abusive relationship, it's another story.

-Donya Margaret gives a dramatic statement at the right time.Plus 6.She says, "Madaling maghusga dahil nasa labas kayo."
-In return, Ate Henya gives something to ponder on.Plus 8.She says,"Kahit kailan, di magiging tama ang mali."
-Katerina files for annulment.Plus 10.
-Katerina sends a letter to Daniel asking him to stay away from her. Her letter says, "Sana huwag mo na ako hanapin.Hindi na ako pwedeng sumama sa iyo."Minus 6.Nice attempt pero chos, sino linoloko ni Katerina?!
-Donya Margaret asks Jean/Jane to sleep over at their house.Plus 10.BEST SCENE FOR THE DAY.Slumber party naman ang peg ni donya parang sweet sixteen.
-Daniel rides the Penafrancia Bus.Plus 6 just because there really is a penafrancia bus in bicol haha.
-Nathan is having a bad dream,then Jeane/Jane enters and comforts him by touching his ears.Plus 8.No matter how hard Jeane's efforts in pretending to be someone else, her maternal instinct just wins every time.

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