Friday, August 10, 2012

Revealing Your Identity



Walang Hanggan
August 6-11
by Nikki Cea

-Johanna asks her dad where he as yesterday.When Marco said he spent the night at the office, Johanna gave another maldita line."Are you sure sa office ka natulog,hindi sa ibang bahay?" PLUS 10.
-Daniel looks for Katerina in the bus terminal with a picture in hand.Plus 7 just because I can see the people all over the place looking at him because they are shooting this scene haha.
-Once Katerina and Yaya Perls arrive in Legazpi,they both see Daniel inside another bus.Minus 5.To the extreme level lang ang serendipity effect ha.
-Katrina  says, "Bakit siya nasa bus?" Minus 5.You know the real reason,please.
-Emily arrives at Marco's house and witnesses Marco and Jeane come out of the bedroom.She proclaims, "Nakita ko na!" Plus 5.
-Nathan and Donya Margaret talk about what happened in Nathan's room:
 Nathan: Para pong dinalaw ako ni Mommy.
 Donya Margaret: Minulto ka?   Plus 10!!
-At the end of the episode,Donya Margaret says "Congratulations!" to Jeane/Jane for ruining the wedding plan of Marco and Emily.Plus 7.

-Daniel kidnaps Tomas for a moment and nearly kills him by using his car.Hmmm.I don't know if I like this part or not.
-After that incident, Tomas comes home to report to his boss.Miguel asks, "Bakit ang panghi?"PLUS 9.Muntik ka ba namang sagasaan, tingnan natin kung di ka umihi sa takot haha.
-Emily arrives at her office for her first day at work.With that, there are hidden cameras installed for Miguel's entertainment.Plus 7.
-Emily and Marco reconcile and made a deal not to tell people about this.Plus 3.
-Daniel comes to the house of a lady she met.At first, he doesn't know that this lady is the friend of Yaya Perl.Minus 5.Again, kaloka ang serendipity moment
-Daniel looks at Katerina's picture and does a monolgue.He doesn't know that Katerina is actually listening to him outside.Minus 7.Predictable.

-Daniel and Katerina reunite. Like/Dislike?
-Yaya Perls introduces Daniel as Omnat, Ninay/Katerina's cousin.Funny Name.Plus 4.
-Daniela and Katerina tour around Albay.They decide to go to Misibis Bay spontaneously.Plus 7.I find this scene funny because you just can't go to a luxurious resort as if it's a park you can go to freely.At the same time, I also like this part because it's a happy moment (which is unusual for the couple).
-Ate Henya says, "Walang lihim na natatago habangbuhay." Plus 4.
-Donya Margaret gets the glass that Jeane/Jane used in order to get a DNA result.Plus 7.

-Katerina wakes up in the middle of the night because of her bad dream,so she goes outside.Daniel asks if she's crying, and she even denies it.Minus 10.Katerina-trait of denying.
-When Daniel bids his goodbye for the moment,Yaya Perls asks Daniel for pasalubong.She asks for "sabong pampaputi." Plus 10 because it effectively displays most of the Filipinos' desire to have fairer complexion.
-Katerina wants to work and the lady suggests that she should work in Embarcadero.Plus 8 because I know Embarcadero haha.
-Daniel gives another mock theft for Johanna.Minus 10.Why does he need to threaten them  just to prove his point???
-Miguel stalks Emily, and he says, "Ganda talaga ng Emily ko." Plus 7.Creepy and wrong but how can you ignore a dyosa?

-Nathan and Daniel fight again about Katerina.Minus 10.A fight again?
-Donya Margaret shows the DNA result proving that Jeane is actally Jane.She says, "You are Jane Montenegro, back from the dead." Plus 10.
-Jane  admits it but refuses to announce it to anybody else for safety 5.
-Nathan comes to Daniel's room and freaks out.Ate Henya comes in and Nathan threatens her by saying that he would kill both Daniel and Katerina,once he sees them.Plus 6 because the acting is really good.
-Once he arrives home, Nathan says, "Akin si Katerina.Akin ang buhay niya.Akin ang puso niya." Plus 5.For some weird reason,I kinda like this line because it's not another confrontation with Daniel.\
- Nathan becomes really furious and he rejects Jeane's efforts to make him better because accoridng to him, she is not his mom.This leads to the highlight of the episode- Jeane finally admits that she is Jane because she can't bear the thought of Nathan pushing her away like a stranger.Everyone in that room cries during this moment of revelation.Plus 10.

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