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July31-August 3
Lorenzo's Time

-The video that Enzo found which shows his dad telling him different things to learn about his life.Plus 5.I love the fact that the video is not overly dramatic.
"Tuturuan kitang pumalit ng gulong."
"Dapat gentleman ka."

-Dok Carlo asks, "Okay lang ba na hawakan ko ang paa mo?" Cute question,dok. Plus 5
-Charie calls her dad to report about her mom and Doc Carlo.The kid who is forever loyal to her dad.Plus 5
-Charie says, "Nagseselos ka noh!" And her dad Jonas replies, "Ako,magseselos sa nognog na yon?!" Denial factor pa talaga.Minus 1
-Dok Carlo throws some quote to which Kat-Kat replies, "Dok,parang narinig ko na yan.Ki Lito Lapid yan noh?" Again, bringing up Lito Lapid just shows the influence of the actor on their lives.Plus 4
-Kat-Kat's bestfriend gives her some advice: "Give love a chance." Simple statement but it sure does make a lot of sense.Plus 5
-Jonas falls on the mini fountain while he and Enzo are hanging out on the park.At this scene, he shows his fear. I can relateeee.Plus 3
-Enzo makes fun of the situation to easen up the mood: "Siguro brad,takot ka lang maligo kaya lagi kang madungis." Plus 6

-When Charie gets sick,Kat-Kat and Jonas take care of her.And at one moment, they almost kiss.Ibalik ang pag-ibig haha.Plus 3
-Jonas finally confesses to Enzo : "Brad,aaminin ko sa'yo, mahal ko si Kathy." Finally, after 10000years,no more denying! Plus 4
-Enzo expresses his concern upon hearing this revelation: Plus 6.
   Jonas: Dati yun,gago pa ko nun eh.
   Enzo: Eh bakit ngayon,hindi na ba?
   Jonas: Gago pa rin pero tina-try ko na magbago.    (I love this line.)
-Dok Carlo asks about Kat-Kat's sprain on the ankle and makes the most out of the situation. "Kung okay na, di pwede na tayong kumain sa labas?" Consistent much ang pangungulit ni dok ha! Plus 3
-During their date :
  Kat-Kat: Dok,bakit ako?
  Dok Carlo: Bakit hindi ikaw?  (Korny na kung korny pero panalo!)PLUS 10.
-Enzo enters the office and interrupts the meeting.He declares,"Simula sa araw na ito,ako na ang boss ng Montereal.Approve? " Plus 6.He doesn't fail to show his childish side despite proclaiming something as serious as this.
-Dok Carlo and Jonas brief moment:
  Dok Carlo: Pare...
  Jonas: Kailan ba tayo naging pare? Plus 7.Jonas always makes sure to express his dislike for Dok Carlo.
- Kat-kat and Jonas talk about Dok Carlo:
  Kat-kat: Siya (Dok Carlo) ang di gagawa ng mabuti,sure ka?!
  Jonas: At least alam mo honest ako,gago ako. Plus 4.

-Enzo shows that he stands by his decision to control the company despite his Tita Mildred's objection.
"Tita,mahal na mahal kita pero kailangan kong gawin ito."Plus 7.
-Kat-kat gives her  advice to Enzo regarding his decision: "Okay naman na tumulong ka sa kapwa mo, pero kung ikakahamak mo, di na ata tama yun." Plus 7.
-Tita Mildred to Enzo: "Grounded ka!" Plus 4.I know that she's being mean in here but the reason why I like this part is because it's funny how she still thinks of Enzo as a real kid.

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