Wednesday, August 1, 2012

“Hindi ako si Zenyda Zeva!”

Princess and I 
July 23-27
by Vochelle Sia

I only had enough time last week to write about Tuesday’s episode. I hope this is forgivable if I say that I missed Monday’s episode because I watched “The Dark Knight Rises.” :p
·       After braving the storm in the name of love, Gino finally arrives at San Isidro. But the first thing he sees is Jao caressing Mikay’s cheeks! He calls Mikay’s name. They start to fight, and then, Gino says, “ Hindi ko na nga inisip sarili ko eh!” Hmm, I’m still betting on you, Gino, but nagbubuhat ka ng sarili mong bangko! Minus 2.
·       Mikay is still acting clueless as she argues with Gino. She says, “Hindi ako si Zenyda Zeva!” Best. Line. Of. The. Episode. Plus 7.
·       “Para kang bato, Mikay, ang manhid mo!” LOL, he actually picked up a rock to hand to Mikay. Plus 1.
·       Gino’s confession. Not gonna lie, I liked the way the lines were delivered. Plus, the reasons he gave were… cute. :p
-        Gusto ko yung parati kang ‘huh?’ sa tuwing hihirit ako.” Plus 4.
-        Gusto ko ung bangs mo, gusto ko ung bangs mo, lahat ,gusto ko ikaw!”Plus 4.
-        “Kahit dukutin mo pa tong mga mata ko, nasa iyo pa rin tingin ko.” LOL at the cheesiness of this one!!! Plus 5.
·       Jao talks with a priest about sacrifice. No comment.
·       So, Jao and Mikay are now on their way back to Manila. They’re riding on the back of a pick-up truck. They see Gino walking so Mikay asks the driver to stop. (Yiieeeee!) Jao hurries to assist Mikay to hop off the truck. Ok, they’re building up tension! Plus 0.5
·       Another awkward and tension-filled moment occurs as both Gino and Jao tries to open the car door for Mikay. Plus 0.5
·       Because of his promise to his mother, Gino’s feelings for Mikay, and his responsibilities to Yangdon, Jao decides to give way to Gino. Aww. But then, he warns Gino that he’s going to keep an eye on him with an “I’m watching you” hand-to-eyes gesture which made me cringe because it’s too…corny. Ugh. Minus 1.   

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