Saturday, July 21, 2012

Things you do for love

Because of the weather, my plan of going to school to take advantage of the internet connection and make a comprehensive review and a funny segment backfired.But I promised to myself that I need to post something in this blog for a starter of what I was going to do.

(July 16-20)

Things that I love about this week:
by Nikki

-The appearance of James Blanco as Charee's father who tries to makeup for his MIA.

-Enzo taking every chance he has to earn pogi points.Small but terrible! :)
sampaloc for you

puppy love

-Enzo disturbing the middle of a business meeting just to ask his Aunt about buying him an electric guitar.This moment is just adorable.Believe me Enzo, I feeeeeel youu!!

Line of the week comes from Kat-Kat (Carmina Villaroel)

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