Saturday, July 21, 2012

Princess and I Recap

(July 16-21)


by Vochelle Sia

Before anything else, let me tell you about one quotation that I believe in:

“It is our perception of a thing that determines our reaction to it, not the thing itself.”

I’m not really sure who said that. I actually just read that from Paul Wesley’s tweet. So, yes, if Paul Wesley didn’t just quote someone else for that, I have to accept the fact that I’m quoting an actor from a vampire franchise. Haha. Anyway, I wanted to share that quote because whatever I say here are just my opinions. The way I perceive things is different from the way everyone else perceive things, so let’s all just be respectful. J (And just a disclaimer, I prefer Gino for Mikay. But I’ll try not to be too biased! Haha)

·       Jao asks Mikay about living in Yangdon. Agad-agad? PBB Teens? Minus 2.
·       Ashi’s pink+green+brown+blue gown. Anything that’s funny-looking is Plus 2.
·       Another Plus 2 for Ashi fixing Mikay’s bangs as she gives her instructions about the jewelry.
·       Gino gives Mikay a pack of chocnut. When a guy’s short on money, he gives the girl chocnut. Of course. How original, Gino. But still, Plus 2 for effort.
·       “Sinong magpriprito habang nagbebenta ako? Sinong magbebenta habang nagpriprito ako?” Gino says. Plus 1.
·       Gino talking to an imaginary Mikay. THAT ENTIRE SCENE! PLUS 10.
·       Gino and Mikay aren’t friends in Facebook yet? Minus 1.
·       But maybe it’s because Mikay doesn’t have an account. She’s probably too focused on her studies and her dreams, there’s no time for distractions. Aww, admirable! So, Plus 1.
·       Kiko: “Best friend ako, hindi slum book!” Plus 0.5. Gino still can’t get Kiko’s name right. Haha, Plus 1.

·       Mikay’s father overhears Gino talking about going to NSO, and reprimands him. But… but… it is Dindy’s idea! Minus 1.
·       How do you expect to scheme successfully against the King if you can’t even scheme properly against a teenage girl, Ashi? Tsk Tsk. Minus 3.
·       Wait, I’m still really confused about the language thing. Isn’t it that when the Yangdon people speak in fluent Filipino, they’re actually speaking in Yangdon language but the actors are speaking Filipino for the viewers? So why did Mikay responded to Ashi’s “Dahil inagaw ka niya sa akin.”? I want to give this a Minus 5, but I’m not really sure how it works, so never mind.
·       That screaming scene of Jao and Mikay, Ugh. I’m sorry but I really hate it when people on TV shows and movies do that. Minus 10! But I shouldn’t really base things purely on my preferences, so Minus 5 only.

·       “Ginagawa lang naman niya iyon dahil mahal ka niya,” Mikay tells Jao at the park. That was the same thing that he told him at the coffee shop! Minus 3.
·       And then Mikay talks about how obedient of a daughter she is. Minus 5.
·       Jao is with Mikay. Kiko is with Dindy. Gino’s alone and helplessly in love with Mikay. I want to give this Minus 2 for the sake of my little sister who’s a huge Gino-Mikay fan and is very hurt right now.
·       Dindy likes Kiko, but Kiko likes Mikay. And Dindy still manages to not have ill feelings towards her sister? Awww, Plus 2.
·       It rains. They get stranded. OF COURSE. Minus 10, not because of my shipping preferences, but because of how cliché it is. I can’t even! (But in all fairness, we are experiencing a typhoon at of this moment in real life.)
·       Ate Vicki to her mother: “Nay, wag nga kayong mapraning.” Ha! Isn’t she already?? No minus, though. Let’s be considerate.

·       Kiko talks on the phone with Dindy. Gino talks on the phone with Bianca. Are they foreshadowing a Bianca-Gino endgame? Nooooooo! Minus 3.
·       Nagbibilang ng bangs para makatulog? All “bangs” jokes deserve high points. Plus 5.
·       Gino tried counting goats instead of sheep. Plus 0.5
·       I can’t comment on anything else about this episode. I got too bored with the kulambo/lamok scene, so I wasn’t able to focus on the rest of the episode anymore. Haha!

I don’t have anything to say about Friday’s episode because I got too annoyed. But, again, I didn’t get annoyed because of who I prefer for Mikay! I got annoyed because I felt that the scenes were too contived. Jao rushes to save someone, Mikay reacts overdramatically, Jao gets injured, Mikay gets shocked at the thunder and hugs Jao… blah blah blah. Even Gino’s charm didn’t work for me this episode! 

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