Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Modern Family Season 4 Episode 2

The first day of school really brings out different emotions from the parents and the kids.It can be pretty hard for some of us since we have to deal with a new environment outside the four corners of our home.Meanwhile,  parents can get pretty emotional seeing their children growing up.
In this episode,  Haley is finally going to college! Also, Lily is going to attend her first day at kindergarten, as well.Here are some of the highlights of this episode :

1) Luke's best effort to hide his emotions.
During the last episode of Season 3, Luke did something similar in his efforts to hide how much he would miss his sister, Haley. He tried to hide the acceptance letter of Haley for college since he didn't want his sister to be far away from home.Meanwhile, in this episode, Haley's going to to move out of the house and live in a dorm for college.He puts on a mask to conceal his emotions.Haley feels touched that his brother would be affected by her, so she gives him a hug. Awww. 

                                              2) Phil's gift to his daughter, Haley.
According to Phil, this book is "a hardbound collection of all the life lessons I've learned."
Knowing Phil, the lessons placed in this book are sure to be the weirdest lessons you'll ever hear.
Some phrases such as the following :
1)"Always look people in the eye.Even if they're blind, just say, "I'm looking you in the eye."
2)"If you get pulled over for speeding, tell the policeman that you're wife has a diarrhea."
3)"Marry someone who looks sexy when disappointed."
4)"Older black ladies make the best iced tea."
5)"You can tell a lot about a person from his biography."
6)"Watch the sunrise at least once a day."
7)"If you love something, set it free...unless it's a tiger."
8)"When life gives you lemonade, make lemons.Life would be like whaaaat?!

Later in this episode, we can see that Haley actually enjoys reading the book and dwells on some lessons from it.When she goes to the cafeteria, she chooses to seat alone instead of joining a group of popular kids.While doing so, we can hear Phil's voice over of his lesson.He says, "If you're ever feeling lonely,just eat in front of a mirror."

             3) Lily and her protective Daddies
 Since it's Lily's first day to preschool, her daddies are feeling emotional.Here's Cam who starts to cry when the principal announces that it's time for the parents to leave.The principal says, "the crying starts." As to which Mitch replies, "Does it ever stop?"

 But just when the two daddies are about to leave, they forgot to give Lily her lunchbox.So when they find another kid pulling Lily's hair, they come to rescue their daughter.
 Being overprotective, Cam threatens the kid.

Cam and Mitch are way too protective of Lily.hihi

3) Jay and Gloria take classes for their upcoming baby.

The facilitator teaches the class how to wrap the towel around the baby, like a burrito.
When Gloria shouts that she's done, the facilitator checks out her work.She says that Gloria wrapped the blanket too tight.As to which the defensive Gloria replies, "It's a burrito, you don't want the meat to fall out."
 Also, when the couple starts to get annoyed with the class, they insist that taking care of a baby is not as hard as it seems.Gloria further says, "When I was five years old, my baby sitter was a goat." HAHAHAH.Gloria never fails to make me laugh with her shocking revelations.

 4) The daddies and the mommies find out their similarity.
A while ago, when Cam attacked the kid when he fought with Lily, the parents of both kids are sent to the principal office.Turns out the kid is a child of a lesbian couple.Cam and Mitch then says that they have nothing in common with lesbians.
"Gay men and lesbians have less in common that one might think."

Th principal assigns "homework" to the two families, a play date to reconcile their differences.

 It's funny how kids seem to hate each other one moment, and the nest thing you know, they're the best of friends already.When Conrad and her mommies appear at Cam and Mitch's home for the playdate, they seem to be inseparable.haha
But things don't turn out to be as good as we all might think.Lily and Conrad go to a room and lock themselves.PBB teens?! Naturally, their overprotective parents freak out to the highest level since they don't know if their kids are safe inside.
Just when they're ready to take over the door, Lily and Conrad finally speak to their parents, much to the parents' relief.The kids finally open the door and go to their parents.

After this incident, Cam shares his realization.He says, "Sometimes we get hung up with our differences, we forgot the one thing we have in common.When it comes to the safety and well being of our children, we're all a little bit nuts."
I am far away from having my own children, but I really like Cam's message.Sometimes, we can really dwell a lot on what sets us apart, rather than the things that we have in common.

5) Far way from home

 When Claire and Phil help Haley with transferring her things to her new place, Phil wears this shirt that says "Haley Dunphy Moving Co." Of course, Haley reacts badly and asks her dad to take it off.When he does take off his shirt and bares his upper body, Haley says, "Eww! Put on a shirt!" Phil shouts, " I don't know what you want."

 During the night, after her parents have left her all alone now, Haley calls her parents and give thanks for what they have done.

 Pretty emotional in here :(

 After the call, the scene also reveals that Haley is wearing the shirt that she was so disgusted with earlier.
I've cried so much because of this last scene.Haley reminds me of myself since I feel the same way when I started living alone.There are a lot of times when Haley would be this whiny, self-centered girl concerned about her looks and popularity.She seldom shows or tells how much thankful she is to her family.But when she starts to live alone, she starts to really feel how much she's missed them.

Monday, October 29, 2012

New Girl Season 2 Episode 5

by Vochelle

Watching New Girl is like drinking hot chocolate topped with marshmallows on a cool Christmas morning. It gives off a certain kind of warmth and comfort that you’ll always look forward to. But it’s also like accidentally letting your crush know that you have a crush on him, or watching an awards show where Taylor Swift gets interrupted mid-speech by Kanye West. It makes you feel awkward and embarrassed and it makes you cringe (and laugh). In the latest episode, entitled “Models,” we get a lot of both of those feelings.
Here are some things that I liked about the episode.
1.     Jess’ monkey look-alike.
It’s Cece’s birthday! Jess visits her at her apartment, all ready to eat home-baked birthday cake and watch Clueless on DVD, like they do every year. However, Cece has other plans. She wants a night-out with her model friends and Jess. Jess feels uncomfortable about the whole set-up, because of her lack of things to talk about with the models. Plus, they also think she looks like a cartoon monkey from a Russian cracker ad. 

Look how cute the monkey is! It totally beats Katy Perry at being a Zooey Deschanel look-alike!
2.     Jess and Cece’s fight
Cece overhears Jess making a comment about how years of modeling has made her dumber. Rightfully, Cece gets mad. Clearly, Jess is being a little bit of a judgmental snob, who thinks that modeling is a dumb job. That leads to them having a fight, which leads to some…

                          … boob-slapping.

 Anyway, at the end of the episode, Jess and Cece end up eating cake and watching Clueless with the guys at the loft. Jess asks Cece if she thinks they would be friends if they only met now, and not when they were kids. Cece answers that she doesn’t know, but what’s important is that they are friends now.

I’ve always liked the fact that Jess and Cece are too different, but they remain friends after all the years. I love that they get along in spite of their differences and that Cece is always there to understand Jess’ quirkiness. 

1     3.    You Make My Dreams Come True by Hall and Oats.
So, after all the boob-slapping that happened between Cece and Jess, Jess goes to Cece the next day. Cece’s hung-over, but she has a modeling job to go to. It turns out that she has to stand on a spinning wheel at a car show. Jess takes the job to save Cece.

I felt so much second-hand embarrassment for Jess in this scene! But one thing that made me smile is the use of Hall and Oats “You Make My Dreams Come True” as background music. It’s the song from the famous early morning musical number in 500 Days of Summer!

4.     Winston being the voice of reason, as per usual.

 I love that Winston is becoming the voice of reason that tells the others how they’re being stupid (but adorable) fools every episode. J In this scene, Winston talks about how Nick doesn’t ever respond whenever he wishes him a good night, every night.

Oh, Nick, Nick, Nick and your inability to show that you care. (I can totally relate.L)

1                       5.     Nick and Schimdt in college flashback.
Because of a fight with Schidmt (which I will discuss in the next item), Nick talks to Jess about the first time he met Schidmt in college.

We are shown a hilarious flashback scene to the moment where they first met.
                                Here’s Schidmt eating ramen noodles… without water.

                                  6.     Nick and Schimdt’s fight (lover’s quarrel?)
Schimdt comes home to the loft one day with a cookie for Nick. Nick is baffled because he doesn’t get why a friend- who’s a dude- would ever randomly bring his friend- who’s also a dude- a cookie.  Schidmt says it’s because he’s thinking about him. Nick says he doesn’t think about Schidmt.
The next day, Schidmt refuses to talk to Nick.

And he is crying. Like, really crying. With actual tears and a dialogue that goes like, “I am a human being, I am entitled to my own emotions!”

Lol. I couldn’t stop lauging at this scene.
 Anyway, later that day, Nick buys Schidmt a cookie (and he even cut it into a star to honor Schidmt’s Jewish heritage!)
Schidmt isn’t too happy about the gesture.
Nick says, “You got me cookie, I got you cookie. You got me cookie, I got you cookie.”
 Nick, although reluctant to admit it, is also brought into tears. Schidmt just loves him so much and he doesn’t think he deserves it.
In the end, they all hugged it out. Aww.

And then, comes the awkward moment… 

 This show just loves giving us awkward moments, doesn’t it? It’s so awkward that you just end up laughing. J

Friday, October 26, 2012

Bringing Up Baby

After months of waiting, Modern Family is finally back with Season 4! I am such a big fan of the show so I have decided to come up with posts about every episode this season! Initially, this blog was supposed to revolve around the local shows and showbizness, but we have decided to offer something more since we also love foreign shows. :)

Modern Family 
Season 4 Episode 1
"Bringing Up Baby"

The Issue : It's Jay's 65th birthday today!At the beginning of the episode, he says that he would prefer a simple birthday part with no surprises.One thing I love about this show is that there are surprises every time, so Jay would definitely not be getting his wish at all.

Jay :" Just so everyone knows, I want a quiet day.No surprises."

The Surprise: Just like what I have said, Jay could not seem to escape any surprise.His friends, together with Phil, decide to "kidnap" him for a while for his birthday.

 The Issue : Gloria is pregnant and she doesn't know how if her husband and the other family member would take it well.Let's face it, Gloria and Jay seem to be older than the usual couples who you would expect to have a baby.This surprising twist is really interesting since I didn't see this coming at all.

Meanwhile In Mitch and Cam's home...
The Issue: After their plan to adopt another child failed, they have been trying to conceal their devastation towards this matter.One morning, there's this awkward talk between Cam and Mitch.They are talking about coffee since they wanted to avoid the topic.And....there's an elephant in the room, as in literally.

and a gorilla...According to them,these are baby presents from their gay friends.But since there's no baby, they decided to bring it back to the store.

The Surprise: Lily has been very vocal during the past season,saying that she does not want her two daddies to adopt another baby.And now, she becomes very demanding and wants a kitten if she can't have a baby brother.

The Revelation (Their reaction to Gloria's pregnancy)
Manny : It's just a lot to take in.And I'll be honest, this isn''t coming at a great time for me, with everything I've got going on.

Claire : You're going to get fat!

Phil and Luke
Luke : Eww,Gross. I didn't know Grandpa could still do it.
Phil: Don't be disrespectful, Luke.Anyone could do it with Gloria.

 And to the most important person...
 Jay : That's the greatest news I've ever heard...I spent a day hearing what my future had instore with me, and I didn't like one bit of it.Felt like my life was ending. And now you, telling me that I get to have a new start, with the woman of my dreams, I think I'm going to cry.

What I really love about this episode is that I was able to see Jay's reaction towards Gloria's pregnancy.If you have seen previous series and episodes of Modern Family, you would know that Jay has a strong character and he rarely shows his emotional side.But with this episode, it all changes that! His quote, as shown above, is just really sweet. I'm just to excited to watch out for upcoming episodes:)