Sunday, March 4, 2012

Tween Queens

Every time something forces my thirteen year old little sister out of her celebrity-filled day dreams, there probably are only very few other things in this world that she could bear think about. And, whatever those things may be, I’d bet she won’t last a minute letting those linger in her head without regressing back into thinking about her favorite celebrities. News about latest TV projects, romance rumors, celebrity fun facts, name it, my sister’s got it all memorized.

But I can’t help but wonder what is it with these celebrities that they’re basically who my sister is living and breathing for. What kind of addictive substance do they contain that just about every aspect of my sister’s life is evidently laid out with her obsession. You can see it in her every tweet, every Facebook status, every Tumblr post, and because she can’t take a hint that I don’t care, I have to endure it too in every text message that I receive from her.

ABS-CBN successfully conquered the tween scene with the remake of one of their most loved teleseryes, Mara Clara, and with it, they also succeeded in producing two new stars- Julia Montes and Kathryn Bernardo. And these two reigning tween queens, people, are my sister’s obsession.  As I said, it really makes me wonder why my sister would choose to spend her time being a  fangirl  over two teenage girls.Because of that, I’m just going to try and see what possible reasons my sister and basically every tween in the Philippines have for liking Mara and Clara so much.

I asked my sister what she likes most about Julia and Kathryn and she said that she thinks they’re both pretty and talented. Not that looks matter, but I do agree that they’re both pretty. Not the kind of pretty that I would particularly classify as remarkable, but still pretty. I think there’s also no point in disagreeing that they’re both talented. I wish I could deny this but I actually followed Mara Clara all throughout and I can say that they weren’t bad at all. Julia, especially, was effective in portraying her kontrabida role.

Maybe my sister does have valid reasons to like these two after all. They’re pretty likeable, I guess. I can think of a couple of redeeming qualities in them. They do have the charm.Also,they do appear perfectly sweet and polite. I personally think it’s just the kind of polite that knows exactly what’s already perfectly expected of them to say. But then again, I do know that it’s not easy to always appear so perfectly nice, so maybe I’d just commend these two for that as well. 
It’s been almost a year since their debut teleserye ended and they’re both now being trusted with different projects. Julia is currently starring in the teleserye Walang Hanggan. Unfortunately (or maybe, fortunately), I haven’t had time to watch that show yet. All I can say is that it still boggles me a bit that she’s being paired with Coco Martin. It’s seems that the management is building her up fast as a leading lady. She’s kind of starting to remind me of Bea Alonzo.

Kathryn, on the other hand, will soon star in “Princess and I” with not one, not two, but three leading men. As opposed to the management’s pedophilic choice for Julia’s love interest, Kathryn’s currently being paired with a boy of her age, Daniel Padilla. Ugh, I hate to admit this, but I do think they’re vibrant, fresh, and cute together. Her other two leading men will be Enrique Gil and Pilipinas’ Got Talent’s Khalil Ramos.

I totally failed in trying to understand my sister’s obsession, didn’t I? Well, I did try to as you can see. It’s pretty obvious these two girls are on the top of their game. How long they’ll stay on top and how far they’ll go, let’s wait and see. And I’m sure there are plenty of things to wait for and see when it comes to these two.

by Vochelle Sia

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  1. Your sister and I won't get a long then, I presume. Sigh, I really don't understand why people seem to make so much fuss about them. People act as if they touched a part of their soul. I hear nothing but ceaseless yakking about teenage stars that played this in channel whatever, and I'm getting really sick of it. I'm not trying to be an antagonist on teen actresses in our country but... yeah sure, they're all pretty and charming but then... that's just about it. My grandmother is an avid watcher and fan of ABS-CBN and followed Mara Clara all throughout the episodes... and I painfully watched it with her from time to time. Perhaps it's just me but... I just don't see a brilliant artist in any of them. It all seems so shallow to me... and while they can act, I don't think they are remotely even close to being an "artist" - because acting is an art after all. I hope I'm not offending you or anyone about my opinion :) Haha, I advise you not to show this to your sister. Haha, she might give me a hate-mail for it or something! :))

  2. Same here, I don't get as attached as your sister.. :p But to each his own :-)

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    xx Forever Nineteen