Monday, February 27, 2012

As addicting as a Vice

What started as a portion of the Showtime then,with the equally famous segment featuring "May nag text!" is the emergence of the unkabogable phenomenon in the local television industry.But what does unkabogable mean?The only thing that comes to my mind when I hear that word is the one who is most suitable to epitomize the term itself,and that is none other than,Vice Ganda.

With fame as fleeting as time goes,one can only appreciate its glory as long as they possibly can.Vice Ganda sure knows how to remain at the top, being one of the most popular and well loved comedians in our present time.One thing is for sure, he has come a long way from what he started as.From being an aspiring FEU political science student, to a stand-up comedian in the defunct show Singing Bee, to an occasional actor such as in the show Dyosa, to the most fierce and talented hurado in Showtime.The undeniable truth is that his time to shine came and he is enjoying the fruits of his success.

In a world wherein it is exceptionally hard to make a name for oneself in the industry,one cannot help but ask how Vice Ganda was able to become a household name in our present time.The most simple answer is that because he sure does bring laughter to us every single time we get a sight of him in the television.I cannot think of any reason of not liking him because he is likeable in the sense that there really is no one like him.

First of all,what makes Vice Ganda truly stand out among all other comedians today is his ability to give the wittiest lines in a snap.That is the probable culprit why he cannot be removed from being  a hurado, and also the culprit of his segment with his new show that makes him answer any question.
Also, he has this ability to adjust in every situation that he encounters and make it humorous as possible.For sure, there is no dull moment with his presence around.

Second, he is unafraid to show his admiration or liking to someone.His constant teasing sessions with his co-hurados serve as proofs of this statement.He refers to Jhong Hilario as his "cutiepie" despite the other guys who are constantly linked with him.Aside from that, he is always game to situate himself in kilig scenes for the viewers wherein he would willingly play as the love interest of a certain person.He shows how he gets instantly kilig or smitten whenever one intentionally acts affectionate towards him.Also, he acts as the jealous lover once his ka-loveteam pays attention to other women.His known trademark would also be his funny remarks or replies to obvious questions.For instance, when one person asks him a question that already has an obvious answer, he replies quite ironically and say," Ay hindi..(insert funny situation)."

I also admire him for his resilience to heavy matters.When he was confronted with the  death of his grandmother,in the following days, he was up ready to entertain the viewers despite the tragic event.I once heard him remark that it is better to be happy with how things go because instead on dwelling the negative things that life would offer, it would just do no good.His statement alone is very true indeed.There are just circumstances in life wherein we can't do anything about it so we should just see the positive things that would be brought out by that situation.

But then, even an amazing performer like him cannot please everyone else.Last few months ago, he was bashed for apparently getting fame inside his head and for ignoring someone much bigger in his field.Instead of being affected with these negative issues. he just shrug off all these and he honestly indicated that things are not going well with this bigger person in his field.I believe that it is an interesting trait for someone famous like him to admit to millions of people all over the country that he is not on good terms with someone and he is not afraid to express such matter.

There are a lot more characteristics  that I find interesting about him, but another thing that is worthy to mention is his fashion style.Being part of a daily show grants us a peak at his good fashion sense.It is quite noticeable that he often wears different hues of tailored blazers, and pants that just complements his outgoing humorous personality.The known fact is that he is the first gay person to be given a real feature on the fashion bible, Preview Magazine.I think he truly deserves to be featured since his style alone indicates his penchant for style, but at the same time, his awareness of what is appropriate to wear in national television.We don't see him wearing skimpy outfits afterall, don't we?We can also see his hair transformations from time to time.He sported his original hairdo with swept bangs, to the blunt bangs or what i refer to as the "mushroom hair," to his curly light colored hair, and to his present hair at the moment.This person surely knows how to experiment and invigorate oneself.

It is undeniable that Vice Ganda is addicting as his name suggests.Despite being called as a horse or a kabayo for humorous sake, the truth of the matter is that he is unkabogable in every possible way.No matter what clothes or hairstyle he sports next, he remains to be the person that we love from the very start.

By Nikki Cea